CEA Capital Holdings

CEA Capital Holdings is a controlled environment agriculture company focused on bringing the freshest, most nutritious, and locally-grown leafy green foods to people all over the world. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with CEA Capital Holdings combines the latest technologies in engineering, agricultural sciences, and computer-managed state-of-the-art growing facilities to produce millions of pounds of leafy green vegetables, year-round, in a fully-controlled, fully-optimized greenhouse facility.

CEA builds, maintains, and manages full-scale greenhouse facilities capable of producing millions of leafy green vegetables to meet the growing demand for nutritious and safe organic products anywhere in the world. Our greenhouse technologies make for highly optimized growing facilities that use less water, on less land, to produce the greenest vegetables year round in any environment.

CEA Capital Holdings is a company focused on our Earth and its sustainable, and even non-sustainable, resources. Our vision is to create CEA greenhouses where people need food; we aim to supply the safest, locally-grown leafy vegetables and whole foods to people everywhere. More than just producing the safest food, CEA Capital Holdings utilizes renewable resources to power our facilities and help maintain a healthier Earth for everyone.