Executive Team

Kevan A. Fight, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO

Timothy J. Madden, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Kevan A. Fight

As chairman and CEO of CEA Capital Holdings, LLC, Kevan Fight brings 30+ years of cross-functional business experience in Operations, Finance, Business Planning and Analysis, Merger & Acquisitions and Sales and Marketing. Most of his career evolved in the communications and media industry.

Kevan was raised on a small dairy farm in rural Indiana and began his business career with a “locally-grown” sweet corn stand.

Now he’s gone full-circle, seeding through his leadership the future for CEA Capital Holdings as a viable and sustainable business. Today, the demand for locally grown fresh produce is accelerating for several reasons, most notably the need for affordable, renewable energy, logistics costs, depletion of natural resources healthy living, food safety and security.

Due to his many experiences associated with owning and operating businesses, Kevan is well-positioned to lead and guide CEA Capital Holdings in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) sector and grow the company.  Initially, this will take place  in the Northeast Ohio area with long-term plans to expand nationwide, providing locally-grown produce to local communities.

Throughout his career, Kevan has held executive positions in both established and entrepreneurial companies.

Most recently, Kevan was the CEO of American Eagle Media, LLC, an acquisition company pursuing media companies and transforming them into multi-platform digital media businesses serving their local markets.

In addition, he is the managing partner of Double Diamond Partners, LLC, formed in 1999 as a boutique investment company. Its investment objectives have been to identify product-, distribution- and technology-focused businesses that have established platforms in certain industry segments with scalable and growth characteristics. Long-term goals: to increase market share, profitability and build nationally recognized brands.

From the early 1980s until the sale of the company in 1998, Kevan served on the board of directors and was the executive vice president and CFO of Cleveland-based Malrite Communications, Inc.  As part of the executive management team, he was responsible for the development and growth strategy of acquiring and growing the business. In addition, he managed the firm’s financial, legal and overall business affairs, mergers and acquisitions, and the development of partnerships and strategic alliances. Prior to his role at Malrite, he was vice president and division head of the Media and Communication Group at Key Bank.

Kevan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and marketing from Ball State University. His professional affiliations include:

  • United States Navy and Reserves (1973-78)
  • Student Trustee – Presidential Search & Screen Committee (1977-78)
  • Founding Trustee – WCPN Cleveland Public Radio (1984)
  • Member of Broadcast Financial Management (1984-1998)
  • Board of Directors-Malrite Communications Group, Inc.
  • Advisory Board member Oversight Committee – Fox Children’s Network (1992-97)
  • Recovery Resources – State of Ohio (1996-2003)



Timothy J. Madden

Timothy J. Madden is president and chief operating officer (COO) of CEA Capital Holdings, LLC.

Madden co-founded CEA Capital Holdings LLC in Akron, Ohio, in 2013.  He led the company to its membership in the world-renowned Akron Global Business Accelerator (AGBA) program, sponsored by the City of Akron.

Also in 2013, Madden completed a successful technology transfer to commercialize his firm’s proprietary CEA technology with the prestigious University of Akron Research Foundation (UARF).  Through CEA Capital Holdings, Madden is currently working with the City of Akron on building a new Akron-based corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility for Biodynamics, a subsidiary of CEA Capital Holdings, LLC.

Madden’s unique mix of ideals, education, and experience has positioned him as a leader in the CEA industry. His extensive knowledge of commercial-scale renewable energy and CEA technology provides his firm with a significant competitive advantage in the industry.

While attending Akron’s Spring Garden Waldorf School, Tim studied the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a scientist, philosopher and founder of the science of biodynamics. Steiner published his work on biodynamics in 1924 to combat the rapid worldwide decline in crop fertility occurring due to the overuse of pesticides and monoculture.

The science of biodynamics recognizes the need for crop production to be a closed-loop agricultural system, self-contained, and self sustaining, creating and maintaining life, free of external contaminants, and the production of pollution. Madden has helped make Dr. Steiner’s dream a reality through the development of state-of-the-art CEA agricultural facilities powered by innovative “agbio” science and renewable energy technology.

Tim’s prior education and work experience includes a degree in computer electronics from Fortis College, three years as managing partner of OnPoint Hydroponics, LLC through 2008, and three years as production manager for Natures Garden Hydroponic Greenhouse in Akron, Ohio.