Our international manufacturer has built the world’s first energy neutral greenhouses.  The manufacturer developed a completely new concept, built on four strong pillars:

  • High production
  • Maximum food safety
  • Minimal energy & water consumption
  • Optimum yields

The first greenhouse became the world’s first commercial greenhouse to harvest more than 100kg of tomatoes per square meter on a large scale.  The greenhouse represents an energy-efficient investment for cultivators, resulting in maximum production of higher quality.

Our greenhouses already cover many hectares of land:  users have constructed this sustainable greenhouse.

The Benefits:

  • Approx. 5 to 15% more light by omitting fresh-air vents and, with that, insect mesh on the roof.
  • Diminished pest destruction and need for pesticides by keeping out insects.
  • Optimized humidity and temperature control.
  • Higher CO2-levels inside the greenhouse.
  • A greater air buffer zone in the greenhouse, because of a 7-meter-high structure, resulting in a better climate.
  • Minimal water and nutrients usage through re-circulation.
  • An energy conservation of 15 to 25% proves attainable in practice.
  • Higher production volumes (15 to 20%).